Affiliation is a necesary step in order to be able to participate actively in the political process of the party.

The monthly fee for affiliation is 5 € but if you would like to make a larger monthly contribution please let us know. If you wish also to make sporadic  contributions or of you wish to make a regular payment but without affiliation, you can do so in the current account in Solbank in the name of Ciudadanos por Altea: 0081 0554 81 0001177928

How to become an affiliate of CIPAL:

  1. Print the affiliation application form. Download here: Descarga desde aquí la hoja de afiliación
  2. Complete all relevant fields and sign the form.
  3. The payments will be charged monthly (minimum payment 5 € per month) by direct debit.
  4. Una vez cumplimentado el formulario con los datos y la firma,envíala por correo a Ciudadanos Independientes por Altea: Apartado de Correos 923. Altea la Vella 03599 (Alicante)
  5. If you do not receive a reply within a reasonable amount of time please let us know via email at