Arianna Burli

Arianne Bürli was born in Switzerland but when she was only 3 her whole family moved to Altea where they ran the famous restaurant, La Costera.

She graduated in Interior Design from the Design School in Alcoy and trained as a Consultant and Instructor in the art of Feng Shui. She also studied Gestalt Art therapy in the Andalucía Art Therapy Centre, “El Caminante”. She has drawn together her expertise in these areas and now offers interior designs which combine her search for balanced and harmonious personal paradises with a more humane, individualised and spiritual concept of the arrangement of our environment.

These interests and concerns have brought her to the CIPAL team where she has discovered the only possible way to ensure that Altea does not lose its marvellous essence.
She speaks Spanish, French, German, Swiss-German, Valencian and English.

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