Aurelia Álvarez

Aurelia Álvarez, a Physics graduate is a 51 year old mother of three. She has lived in the Marina Baixa region for 22 years, 17 of them in Altea.

She has worked in banks and as a science teacher. She was one of the moving forces behind the establishment of the Waldorf School in the area and is a founder of ECOALTEA.

She is a firm believer in citizen participation and has been very active in a variety of organisations such as Parent-Teacher associations and ecological groups.

Her opinion is that politics is something which we make for ourselves or, if not, it is imposed on us. So, she is involved in CIPAL because she is convinced that, as citizens, we have a great deal to contribute. During the 2011-2015 term of office she was the Councillor for Education and became well known for her efforts in community education, encouraging wider participation and co-ordinating the work of professionals in varying fields to foster greater contact with the children of Altea in order to streamline and improve the available services.

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