Our Objectives

  • In political action, Ciudadanos Independientes por Altea (Independent Citizens for Altea) takes as a basic premise the fact that Spain is a state comprising free citizens with equal rights and that it is these citizens only, not the region in which they live, who are subject to rights and responsibilities. Consequently, the party will defend the common interests of the citizens in general before any kind of territorial or personal bias and we will defend non-sectarianism in public powers referring to identity, always within the strictest boundaries of pluralism both within the nation as a whole and within the autonomous communities which constitute that nation. Ciudadanos Independientes por Altea also takes as a basic tenet the defence of social and territorial cohesiveness, citizen freedoms and a close contact between politics and the people as a whole.
  • The group will promote policies of transparency and efficiency as the driving forces of the actions of public administrations together with the adoption of economic policies to stimulate sustainable growth of wealth and its fair distribution. This will ensure the best possible quality of life for all citizens.
  • The group will encourage support for culture, crafts, multiculturalism and the protection of the territory together with its fauna and flora.
  • Ciudadanos Independientes por Altea will be committed to the fight against corruption and a lack of logic in urban planning and development. They will support the introduction of a model of sustainable urban growth which takes into account the protection of the environment.
  • Ciudadanos Independientes por Altea will support equal rights between men and women and will promote policies that prevent any kind of discrimination on the basis of gender.