Sophie Zuriaga

Born in Valencia, Sophie holds degrees in Tourism and Public Relations. On completing her studies she began to work in Benidorm in the tourism sector. As an escape from the appearance of brick and concrete she came to live in Altea, having fallen in love at first sight with its charms. She was captivated not only by it as the White Town, by its reputation as the haunts of bohemians and artists but also by its surroundings – the bay sheltered by the Sierra Bernia, all of which she considers the jewel of the Costa Blanca
For this reason, she feels indebted to the town which has afforded her so much pleasure. She has aligned herself with the CIPAL group because she considers it the best way to acknowledge this sense of indebtedness as a result of the group’s commitment to maintaining intact the town’s charms.
Both her character and her professional training lead her to feel the need to be close to people, to help and advise them in any way she is able. She speaks French and English and will be more than happy to attend to anyone who wishes to meet her in the CIPAL office, on the second floor of the Altea town hall, every morning from Monday to Friday.

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